Working while travelling in Vietnam

According to Decree No. 105 of 17 September 2003, foreign-invested enterprises may recruit only 3% of foreign workers in the total labor force employed, with a maximum of 50 foreign employees. However, this threshold can be extended with the permission of the city People's Committee or province.

Foreign and Vietnamese companies are encouraged to use local labor. The employment of foreign personnel is justified only for positions requiring technical or management skills not available locally (for which a Vietnamese citizen would not qualify). However, some opportunities exist. The Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Vietnam allows to job candidates and companies operating in the Vietnamese territory relationship.

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To work while travel in Vietnam, it should present an application for employment containing the following:

A letter of motivation;

A criminal record. If the foreign worker stays in Vietnam for at least six months, he'll need a certificate of nature established by the Judicial Service of the province where he resides;

A resume with a photo;

A medical certificate issued abroad. If the foreign worker stays in Vietnam, the medical certificate is issued in accordance with procedures established by the Vietnamese Ministry of Health;

Copy of certificates and diplomas certifying the level of qualification of the foreign worker

For artisans and employees having no certificate but who are experienced in a profession, in the management of production or management, there a scorecard of their competence certified by the government of the country they need them nationality.

Three color photos of size 3cm x 4cm

The documents issued by foreign governments or agencies and certified by them must be a consular legalization and translated into Vietnamese. Any translation and copy must be authenticated in accordance with Vietnamese law.

Issuance of work permits

Foreign employees working for businesses, agencies and organizations located in Vietnam must be provided with a work permit, except when:

Between the foreign employee to Vietnam to work for a period of less than three months or for the settlement of urgent cases.

The foreign worker is a member of the Board, Director General, Deputy Director General, Director, Deputy Director of companies formed in accordance with Vietnamese law and have legal personality.
The foreign employee is head of a representative office or a branch located in Vietnam.

Foreign lawyers have a practicing certificate for the legal profession in Vietnam issued by the Vietnamese Ministry of Justice in accordance with Vietnamese law.

The Department of Labour, War Invalids and Social Affairs provincial and city under central authority is responsible for issuing permits to foreign workers working in Form issued by the Ministry of Labour, War Invalids and Social Affairs social.

The validity of the work permit is equal to that of the employment contract (if the foreign worker has a contract of employment) or that of the mission decided by the foreign party that sent the employee, without any time exceed 36 months.

Source: MFE and Government Decree No. 105/2003 / ND-CP dated 17 September 2003 laying down detailed rules for implementation of some articles of the Labour Code relating to the hiring and management of foreign workers in Vietnam

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Get a visa to Vietnam

In response to numerous requests for intervention addressed urgently to the Embassy by travelers denied for boarding in some French airports lack of a valid visa affixed to the passport , we wish to inform that the time limit for a entry  visa to Vietnam is 3 working days. Thus, to avoid cancellation of their trip without refund , it is recommended that travelers heading Vietnam to properly take into account the time to plan their trip.Here we will discuss the two main types of visas: tourist visa and business visa

♣ The tourist visa :

You can submit the application and get the visa at the Embassy directly or by correspondence. The tourist visa application may be up to a year before departure. The visa will be valid from the date that you specify in the form ( desired length of stay).

For the application filed directly to the Embassy , you must provide the following documents:

    FN -1a form duly completed in duplicate photo ID attached to each copy

    Passport valid for at least 3 months after the exit date of Vietnam

    Settlement visa fee in cash

    Passport valid for at least one month from the date of return from Vietnam

    Check for the settlement visa fee which varies depending on the number of entries ( simple -  entry only once in Vietnam - or multiple entries during the validity of Vietnam visa ) and duration of your stay in Vietnam ( 1 or 3 months) and the desired  procedure for Visa obtention (express procedure : last three working days , normal procedure : one week upon receipt of the file excluding the time delivery by post) .

For the Vietnam Visa On arrival check this site for more detail about the procedure and price
You can get more infos about Vietnam visa on arrival here vietnam visa minhanh travel

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♣ Business visa :

This type of visa is issued to people who go to Vietnam for the following reasons : business, implementation of projects , work, training , humanitarian ...

The procedure for obtaining a professional visa is done in 2 stages

Step 1:

- There must be a partner in Vietnam ( natural or legal person , Vietnamese or foreign)

- Ask your partner in Vietnam to make representations to the Immigration Department of Vietnam for permission to enter in your favor

- The application for authorization shall provide the following: name, date and place of birth, passport number and validity , length of stay , patterns, number of entries

- Once the Department has approved , ask your partner references your permission.

Step 2:

Must be provided to the Vietnamese Embassy the following documents:

- Form FN -1a form with passport photo
- Original Passport
- The referral authorization
- The visa fee : check at the Embassy of Vietnam
- The means for the return of passport with visa